How It Works

For Job Seekers

Finding the right people with the right skills is now made easier with Perpetual Help Placement Services International Inc. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to discover, recruit, hire, and work with talented and highly skilled Filipino professionals. As your partner in human resources and manpower management, we’ll help you find the most qualified candidate you and your organization needs.
  • Sign up and create your profile.

    You need to sign up and create your My PHPSII Account first before searching and applying for job opportunities. Your account will help you find open positions and employers faster and hassle-free. Choose ‘Candidate’ as your category.

  • Upload your updated resume.

    Showcase your skills, competencies, and professional experience through your updated resume. In addition, make sure that your job application document contains your correct personal and contact information to avoid missing job interview calls.

  • Explore and apply for job vacancies.

    Let your job search game begin. Using three different ways, you can discover hundreds of job openings posted on our website. Once you find your target job position, hit the ‘Apply/Submit’ button.

  • Wait for a potential employer’s job interview invite.

    After applying for the job, all you have to do is wait for the result of your job application. The employer(s) will contact you by phone or email. Hence, make sure that your contact details are accurate and that your lines are always open.

  • Coordinate with Perpetual Help Placement Services International Inc.

    Once you’ve successfully aced your job interview and landed your dream job, our team will walk you through the next steps. We’ll help you complete the necessary documentation and job requirements before your deployment.

  • Stay connected with us.

    We guarantee that our connection won’t end after your deployment. We’ll visit you once a year to ensure your welfare with your employer.

For Employers

Grab the employers’ attention and land your dream job today with Perpetual Help Placement Services International Inc! By creating your profile and uploading your resume that highlights your expertise, experience, and qualifications, there’s a higher possibility that a number of potential employers will notice you. Take one step ahead of the competition and achieve your career goals now!
  • Sign up and create your profile.

    Before you or your organization can search for, recruit, and hire qualified candidates, you need to sign up and create your My PHPSII Account first. Doing so will help you easily sift through a number of job applicants to match the vacancies you urgently need filled.

  • Post your job ads.

    Prepare the necessary details of your job posting. Make sure it includes the job title, job descriptions, and the job requirements and qualifications. Indicate the location of work, the deadline for submission, and how the job application process works. Don’t forget to include the pay range, benefits, and perks. Additionally, indicate how long your job post should be live on the site.

    NOTE: We will review your job posting first before it goes live on our website

  • Source qualified candidates.

    Find, recruit, and hire skilled Filipino professionals from a pool of job applicants who will bring advanced skills and contributions to your workforce. Our recruitment system will help you filter out, evaluate, and select the most qualified candidates based on the job qualifications you set.

  • Coordinate with Perpetual Help Placement Services International Inc.

    Once you’ve selected the candidate(s), make sure to contact our team to help you verify their credentials and conduct background checks. Plus, coordinating with us helps both parties—employers and candidates—ensure compliance with local and international labor laws. As we partner with you to provide your manpower needs, we’ll work on staffing solutions that have been proven and tested.